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ImageName means:Earth-shaking lizard
Height: 84 ft (25.6 m)
Length: 115 ft (35 m)
Weight: 50,000 lbs (22,000 kg)

Seismosaurus, one of the longest dinosaurs yet discovered, lived in northern New Mexico during the Late Jurassic (~145 mya). It is estimated to be over 120 feet in length and to weigh 30 tons. Seismosaurus is classified as a sauropod and, more specifically, a diplodocid, a group that contains the famous Diplodocus and Apatosaurus. Diplodocids were common and diverse in North America.

Only a partial skeleton, including the stomach region, the pelvis, and parts of the tail, of Seismosaurus has been found to date. The rock in which it was found is so hard and preparation work is so slow that the bones are still being prepared today at the New Mexico Museum of Natural History of Science. Stones that are hypothesized to have helped Seismosaurus crush plant material were found in its stomach cavity. Some herbivorous birds also eat stones to help digestion.

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